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V26MJ Antigua Island

V26MJ Team will be active from Antigua Island, IOTA NA - 100 in CQ WW WPX CW Contest, 27 - 28 May 2023.
Team - K4UEE, K5PI, W5SJ, W5MJ, W5MF.
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They will operate in Multi Single High Power Category.
Before and after contest they will operate as:
V26MJ via W5MJ.
V26MF via W5MF.
V26RC via K4UEE.
V26GB via K5PI.
V26BP via W5SJ.


Antigua is an island in the Caribbean that forms a single state with the neighboring island of Barbuda. Antigua was named by Christopher Columbus after the Spanish temple of Santa Maria La Antigua. Before him the Indians named the archipelago Wadadli. Now the only reminder of the historical name is the local brand of beer.

Life in Antigua is booming. On land area of 440 sq. km live 94,000 indigenous people. The islanders get their main financial income from tourism, which makes up 60% of GDP. The annual tourist population growth is around one million people (mostly from the US, European countries and Japan). The remaining 40% of GDP comes from agriculture, light industry and production of alcoholic beverages, which, along with fruits and vegetables, are considered the main export commodity. Antigua grows tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, pumpkins, oranges and bananas, as well as exotic delicacies such as guava, jackfruit, medlars and carambola. And only in Antigua do they grow a unique delicacy - black pineapple.

Inquisitive tourists are offered a wide range of entertainment, the most popular of which are surfing, diving, snorkeling (diving with a snorkel).

V2 Antigua IslandAntigua Island. Author - Harold Moses.

Islander Mores

The people of Antigua are open to communication and are happy to tell their history. You can hear firsthand about all the events that have happened on the island over 300 years, from the redivision of colonial territories to the last great storm. A favorite theme is France's attempt to wrest this "tidbit island" from England.

The inhabitants of the island do not distinguish themselves by a luxurious lifestyle, but that does not mean that the newcomers are endangered. The isolation of the natives from civilization has made them friendlier and kinder in comparison to the population of large urbanized countries. There are policemen on every corner, serving as tourist guides rather than policemen. You can relax and feel completely safe here. The unencumbered by urbanization, the people are easy-going and open to newcomers, not without pride considering their island a pearl of the Caribbean.

The citizens of Antigua are very proud to be "loyal subjects" of Queen Elizabeth, even if they had to starve during the last world war. Their loyalty to the crown is evidenced by the various posters and city graffiti deliberately communicating the island's identity.

V2 Antigua Island DX NewsAntigua Island. Author - Tony Shertila.

Metropolitan flavor

The main city of Antigua and Barbuda, St. John's combines two cultures - European and West Indian. Not without reason, the locals like to call St. John's "the city of two faces.

How does the "two-facedness" of the city manifest itself? In the architecture. You feel it as you walk through the capital's streets. The suburbs are unique with dense, colonial-style buildings. The central streets of Heritage Quay and Redcliff Quay, adjacent to the port, are characterized by Victorian-style buildings (mid- to late 19th century) and greater width. Here you can sit in cozy cafes or shop. In the local stores are attractive not only showcases, but also the prices. The fact that St. John's is in a duty-free zone, so you can buy any goods at very "nice" prices.

Special attention enjoys the old fort of the capital. Until the early twentieth century, it was a "shield" protecting the entrance to the capital bay.

Admiral Nelson National Park

The island of Antigua has always attracted European tourists with one of its attractions - English Harbor. So for about two hundred years the closed bay, where in the eighteenth century Admiral Nelson created a military stronghold with an extensive network of bastions. Today this military complex is restored and named after Admiral Nelson. The imposing ancient bastions and the park-like landscape against the Caribbean Sea are a sight to behold.

In addition to contemplating the architectural beauty everyone can taste and quality of local alcohol. There are bars and eateries right in the park where they know how to make a cocktail called the Kiss of Antigua.

V2 Antigua Island Tourist attractions Antigua Island. Author - Joe Brnobic.

Antigua's picturesque lagoons

A shallow bay separated from the big water by a reef is called a lagoon. Amazingly beautiful, they make you fall in love with Antigua at first sight. White sand; picturesque rock formations covered with lush greenery; palm trees; sun and caressing sea soothe the nervous system, giving the body strength.

Numerous lagoons of the island are on the windless side. As a result, the vacation spots are almost always in complete calm. Because of the constant trade winds, the opposite side of Antigua is exposed to strong sea surf and is ideal for surfing. Beach recreation on the island is accompanied by all sorts of activities: jet skiing and jet skiing, fishing and diving. A popular outdoor activity is skydiving and bungee jumping - fill your photo album with extreme bird's-eye shots guaranteed.

Darkwood Beach - the island's calling card

A vacation in Antigua would not be complete without exploring the local beaches, of which there are hundreds. One of the most famous is Darkwood Beach, famous for its warm and crystal clear water, soft white sand and modern amenities package. After a few swims, you can dine at the outdoor restaurant located on the beach. Dishes include light vegetable salads, seafood appetizers, spiced rabbit stew and delicious curry pilaf. And all this at quite adequate prices.

A trip to Antigua will be long remembered. Bright and colorful nature, gentle sea and kindly disposition of the local population will make you open yourself to the island and forget about everyday problems. If you like the refreshing breath of the surf, picturesque coves, majestic caves, unique nature and gentle rays of the tropical sun, a visit to Antigua is a perfect trip!

Where is Antigua Island located. Map.

V26MJ Antigua Island. Sunrise 06-16-2024 at 09:32 GMT sunset at 22:43 GMT
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