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V84YL Brunei

YLs JR3MVF, F5RPB, IT9ESZ, DJ6US will be active from Brunei 5-10 November 2014 as V84YL.
They will be active on HF bands.
QSL via DJ6US.

Brunei: the main attraction offered by Borneo

Situated at the northern coast of the popular island Borneo the Brunei is a well known and respected sovereign state. Major part if this state is surrounded by state Sarawak of Malaysia also it’s separated in two different parts by Sarawak that is Limbang’s district. The most interesting aspect related with Brunei is that it has a magnificent history associated with it. According to the historians during the most highlighted period of the Bruneian Empire the famous Sultan Bolkiah had the authority over many parts that are included in Borneo. The historical data suggests that Sultan Bolkiah was the 6th Sulltan of Brunei. He was a smart and active ruler and it is believed that during his reign a lot of development and progress took place. The most interesting aspect related with Bolkiah is that he used to travel a lot for gaining newer ideas for introducing improvements in the system of his country also he used to discuss matters with his chiefs.

But the golden period ended and the decline of the great empire started in the 19th century. In the year 1888 the country became a protectorate of British and after the occupation of Japan during the period of World War II a newer constitution was formulated.

In the year 1984 during the month of January Brunei gained independence and since then steady economic growth has been noticed and today this part of the world is counted in the industrialized countries. The fields of petroleum as well as natural gas have contributed a lot in the prosperity of the country. Today Brunei is known as a developed nation that has 2nd highest Human Development Index in South East Asia. Today Brunei is counted in one of the richest nations of this world.


It’s a country with rich cultural heritage and values. One can easily note the influence of Malay upon the life style of locals. The influence of Islam is very strong upon the ideology of people and it’s reflected in their daily activities as well. The history of Brunei highlights the point that culture of this country has taken influences from four different periods that are

  • Islamic
  • Hindu
  • Western
  • Animist

As mentioned earlier the influence of Islam is very strong and it given very high preference in the philosophy as well as ideology of the country. The official language of the country is referred to as Malay, but English is also a popular speaking medium used by people. The country follows Sharia law and because of this reason there is a ban upon use as well as sale of alcohol.

Brunei V84YL

The population

According to the data which was collected during the year 2013 total population of this country is, 415,717 and of these 76% lies in urbanized regions. Average life expectancy in the country is 77.7 years. In the year 2004 the presented data suggested that 11.2 % of the total population consists of Chinese Malay were 66.3 % and smaller groups make the rest of the population.

The national language

Malay is a very prominent language that belongs to Austronesian family and it holds the status of being national language of the country. It is also national language of Indonesia as well as Malaysia. The national language is given very high value and respect and various campaigns for its promotion are also being held. The main language that is used by people is Brunei Malay. Interesting point to mention here is that Brunei Malay shows divergence from the standardized Malay. In addition, to this Chinese as well as English are also spoken widely and English is also used as a popular language in offices and schools. Other popular languages that are spoken here are being mentioned below

  • Kedayan
  • Tutong
  • Murut
  • Dusun

A great majority of population shows special attraction towards Islam. Islamic laws are given very high value and strict penalties are defined for those who violate these laws.

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Some beautiful mosques

Mosques, which are about to discuss have been constructed between 1958 & 1999. Most of them are known for their magnificent design and structure, which highlights Islamic traditions as well as values in a prominent manner.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

The dome of this mosque is its main attraction and highlight that has a covering of pure gold. The use of gold has been carried out for making the mosque attractive and charming also for beautification. The dome has been design in such a manner so that it can attract people towards the mosque. The structure of mosque is very much related with other mosques that are commonly found in majority of Muslim countries.

Masjid Setia Ali Mosquq

It’s another very beautiful mosque and the shortness of this mosque is the main highlight associated with it. You might be aware of the fact that crescent is commonly used for decorating mosques. The structure and design of this mask is magnificent and reflects Islamic values as well as traditions in a brilliant manner.

Brunei V84YL Tourist attractions

Masjid Al-Ameerah Al Hajjah Maryam Mosque

The first prayer was offered in this mosque during the year 1999, Minaret of this mosque has gold in its construction and a good level of stress has been laid upon it. Designers have tried to ensure that structure of the mosque must be capable of reflecting the pure and bright Islamic values and traditions.

Interesting Facts

  • The discovery of Brunei was carried out by Awang AlaK Betatar.
  • In the year 1959 during the month of September constitution of this country was signed by Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III as well as Sir Robert Scott.
  • From 15th to 17th century the Empire was very strong and influential.
  • In the year 1984 this country became a part of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • It is a country where majority of population consists of Muslims and Islamic laws are given great importance and value here.
  • Free public health facilities are provided to the people of Brunei

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