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XU7AEU Cambodia 2014

Alex, M6CFW will be active again from Cambodia starting 19 August 2014 as XU7AEU.
He will be active on HF Bands.
QSL via home call, LOTW, eQSL, HRD LOG, CLUB LOG.
Cambodia ( Khmer: ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា, Kampuchea), officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Capital city- Phnom Penh.
Official languages- Khmer.
Currency- Riel KHR.
Time- UTC +7.
International phone code- +855.
Internet domain- .kh
International Telecommunication Union callsigns- XUA-XUZ.
DXCC country- Kingdom of Cambodia.
WAC continent- Asia.
CQ Amateur Radio WAZ Award zone nr- CQ 26.
International Telecommunication Union ITU Zone- 49.
QTH locator- OK21.


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country, which is bordered by other Asian nations – Laos, Vietnam and Gulf of Thailand. The total area that encompasses Cambodia is about 181040 square kilometers. From the number, you can say that Cambodia is smaller in size than Oklahoma in the US. The climate of this Southeast Asian nation is completely tropical, accompanied with seasonal variations. May to November experiences monsoon and December to April it is the dry season.

Cambodia’s geography is characterized by flat and low plains, with mountains present in the north and southwestern parts of the country. PhnumAoral is its highest point, with 1810 meters in height. A resource-enriched nation, Cambodia, is blessed with the abundance of gas, oil, iron ore, gemstones, timber, phosphates and manganese. Less than 14000000 individuals inhabit Cambodia. The languages spoken in this country are English, French and Khmer and the people living here, originates from Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer ethnic groups. 95% of Cambodians are Theravada Buddhists.

Capital of Cambodia

Phnom Penh is the capital and the largest city of Cambodia. It is located on the Tonle Sap and Mekong River. The Khmer Empire King – PonheaYat – founded Phnom Penh in the year 1434. From 1870 and till the 20s, a major effort was invested towards the construction of the city by the French colonialists, for creating a cosmopolitan capital called ‘Pearl of Asia’!

Viet Cong used the city during the period of Vietnam War. Thus, the Khmer Rouge communists took the capital city in the year of 1975. These communists largely purged the city and urban residents were forced to relocate to the rural parts of the country.

Cambodia XU7AEU DX News 2014

Symbols of Cambodia

A 12th century temple complex, Angkor Wat is the largest religious structure in the world. Angkor Wat is also a renowned architectural wonderment, which is present in the national flag of Cambodia. This religious building of Angkor Wat is present in the national flag on a red stripe, embedded between 2 of the blue stripes that symbolize liberty. The Cambodian monarchy has a great presence in the national anthem of Cambodia – Nokor Reach. It was during the 70s that it was replaced but later on in 1992, it was restored.

Cambodia XU7AEU 2014

Home to one of the most powerful empire – Khmer Empire – Cambodia has experienced a major downfall during the last 500 years. It was made a French protectorate between the years 1863 and 1953. Cambodia further experienced suffering and hardship due to the Vietnam War.

When visiting Cambodia, do make it a point to visit Angkor Wat and its temples and ruins. Angkor Wat is situated close to Siem Reap and it is the seat of Khmer Empire. Currently, the place is used to get a glimpse of Angkor ruins. Angkor Wat is enlisted in the World Heritage Site, having a spread of Buddhist and Hindu temples.

There are only two seasons in Cambodia – Wet season and the dry season. The best time to visit Cambodia is during the peak months and dry seasons, which fall between the months of November and April!

Video Cambodia Tourism Song - Welcome to Cambodia

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